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Queen Lioness

All Hail the Queen

Greatness, Beauty, Bravery, and Strength… Words that not only describe an artist destined for greatness but also her art.  It is with this acknowledgment of her truth, Ashton “Queen Lioness” Breon steps onto the music scene to stake her claim in this artistic journey called Hip Hop.


Born and raised in Decatur, Georgia, Queen Lioness grew up in a West Indian home.  Proudly, she acknowledges her roots as a Bajan citizen.  It is this unique mix of the Barbados and the ATL that has impacted her style and approach to her art.


Her newest project, “B.A.D.U.”, produced by up & coming producer TU!, is an acronym for “Before Ashton Dies Unappreciated”.  On the surface, it may look to be an ode to one of her musical influences, Erykah Badu, however, it goes deeper than that.  B.A.D.U. speaks to the truth of life vs. artistry… that the sum total of our experiences exceeds the music we are being fed from a feminine perspective. 


Queen Lioness feels that while there is a place for all female perspectives and that each deserves a voice, we need to make room for experiences outside of the “sex sells” mantra we are fed.


Embracing her sensuality, her strength, her beauty, and her creativity, Queen Lioness works to stake her claim.  With a video to her first single called, “Brienne of Tarth” coming soon, it is finally time for you to hear Queen Lioness roar!

Greatness, Beauty,

Bravery, & Strength

Queen Lioness - "NEGUS"



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